Recent News 

Appointed Senior Associate Dean for Open Learning, MIT, 2018. News article.

\New book from MIT Press published today. Agreement Beyond Phi, Linguistic Inquiry Monograph, MIT Press. MIT News story. March 17, 2017. Link to pre-copyedited Chapter 1.

‘Song of the human’ by the British composer Pete M. Wyer under a commission from Arts Brookfield (formerly  New York World Financial Center) is premiering in the Winter Garden of the Brookfield Place on October 12, 2016, with an installation to follow starting on October 15. This original orchestral and choir piece is in part inspired by Shigeru Miyagawa’s Integration Hypothesis. "We must say goodbye."  WNYC interview with Pete Wyer and John Schaefer. Song of the Human Premiere 10/12/2016.  Announcement

Naked Scientists. BBC, Cambridge UK/ABC Australia.  "Did the cavemen have names?"

"Birds, Monkeys, and Humans." A mini MOOC, free.

BBC Radio 4 features Integration Hypothesis (about 17 minutes into the program). What the Songbird Said.

"What the songbird said" wins the 2015 AAAS Kavli science journalism award. Video of the producers about the production of the show.

Nature Podcast interview with Chomsky, Miyagawa, etc. (17 minutes into the program). Real Life Dr. Dolittles.

"The precedence of syntax in the rapid emergence of human language in evolution as defined by the integration hypothesis." Frontiers in Psychology. 18 March 2015 (with Vitor A. Nóbrega). Article. 

"The integration hypothesis of human language evolution and the nature of contemporary languages," Frontiers in Psychology. June 2014 (with S. Ojima, R. Berwick, K. Okanoya). MIT News. Science News. LiveScience.

"The emergence of hierarchical structure in human language," Frontiers in Psychology. February 2013 (with R. Berwick, K. Okanoya). Science News. MIT News.

Case, Argument Structure, and Word Order. Leading Linguists Series.Routledge. 2012. Review by Stella Markantonatou in Linguist. YouTube Video of Chapter 10.

Why Agree? Why Move? Unifying Agreement-based and Discourse Configurational Languages. 2010, MIT Press, Linguistic Inquiry Monograph 54.  Review by Anders Holmberg in Language.  Link to The MIT Press.  Link to MIT News.  Link to Google Books.